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The Matamoros Miracle

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Today Becky and I are witnessing the transformation of a city before our eyes!

-Mike McGee-

Here is the Story

Lety Salazar and her sister, Veronica Salazar (bone cancer survivor), were raised in an AG church in Matamoros called, “Aposento Alto” (The Upper Room).  Lety has been in office as mayor for 12 months.  Her sister, Veronica is president of DIF (Department of Family Health and Affairs).

As little girls, they followed their grandmother Rita, their pastor, down the streets of Matamoros inviting people to church and praying for them in their homes.  They would not take “NO” for an answer offering to wash clothes, change diapers, buy milk, and resolve whatever excuse the neighbors had for not attending worship.  Their grandmother, Rita, founded and pastored that AG church 36 years! She died last December.  She prophesied in a private tape to Lety that she should be prepared to go higher in the Mexican government.

Last year, while other candidates were holding political rallies in the mayor's race, Lety held prayer meetings across the city.  Lety won the office of Mayor of Matamoros, a city of about one million.  She declared that her office was not behind closed doors but in the streets of the city with the people. Her custom is to walk the streets for part of each day to stay in tune with those who need her most.

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Veronica & Lety Salazar

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In one year, she fired most of the police and replaced them with state police.  She took an entourage of her new staff to tell the police chief that they were no longer in charge in of the city,
she was!

She tore down the shrines to La Santa Muerte (the Holy Death cult) and publicly declared that if they were rebuilt she would bulldoze them again!  Lety puts on a marine uniform and, from the
front (not leading from behind!), leads the soldiers to close many bars where children are being prostituted.   She has a prayer meeting on Mondays in front of her offices!


Every Wednesday Lety calls all the city officials to the large municipal auditorium to do “open and honest” government business.  Any problem will be solved.  Departmental directors cannot hide, take bribes, or tell the people “tomorrow”, because, Lety is at the end of the hall room willing to resolve pending issues, talk with anyone, and pray for them.  City elders have said to me at least half a dozen times, “we city fathers had decades to fix this city….but it only took 2 sisters 11 months to transform it!”

The mayor started her own anti-terrorism and drug task force which is called “Hercules”.

The city is giving us access to the largest municipal auditorium, El Mundo Nuevo, which seats 3,000, to perform Heaven's Gates and Hell's Flames for two weeks in April and two weeks in October. Two pieces of prime real estate have been given to the AG.  We started a Good News Crusade on one on August 28th!

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It truly is...

“The Matamoros Miracle!”

Paul said in Corinthians that a great effectual door has been opened and great is the adversary. Today, God is restoring justice and peace in our city through the bold efforts of our mayor and the presidency of DIF. These ladies were "groomed in the upper room" to transform a major city of Mexico.  Across the city there are billboards that say, “ACTIONS THAT TRANSFORM!”

On our more than 60 church construction projects and school projects, we have often times been face to face with the same BEAST (opposition to the gospel) Paul said he faced in Ephesus. In
other cities, locals have cut our tent ropes, demolished our electrical service with bats, tried to frighten the night guard with guns, stole our signs, and thrown rocks at us .

However, the opportunity in Matamoros is the first time we are able to work in full partnership the city officials for to advance biblical values, transformation, and hope to a city rebounding from border violence.  It is believed by many that this is the spark to a nationwide revival!!