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The Cry

Thousands of Children along the border of Mexico & South Texas Need Food. City Leaders have asked us to help them with a plan to Feed the Children.

The Answer

A Partnership of Church's, Government,  Pastors, Missionaries & People Like you and me, offering a Biblical Response of Love & Help through donations.

The Goal

To offer facilities and a place for Food Preparation and donation city wide.


The Dream

To build portable or permanent kitchens for kids. These sites are designed for food preparation & distribution and are strategically placed to serve & save.

The Need

Each facility takes a minimum of $10,000 - 20,000 to build, transport & outfit for service.

Then it requires donations of food for meals & volunteers to prepare those meals.


Join Us

WE NEED YOU!!! We have already partnered with so many that are making the impossible possible. Won't you join us as we make a difference for hungry children everwhere.