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Our Team.

God's Dreams.

All that is missing is ...YOU!!

In life, we all need a tract to guide us through our toughest days. A life motto is imperative. Through the years, I continually tweak mine as I grow in His grace.

Missionary Mike’s Motto

  •  God has a plan, a place, and a time
  •  To use me just the way I am
  •  To pray and to pass through open doors
  •  To give and to forgive
  •  To storm the gates of hell snatching men from the fire
  •  To help bring His lost children home.

Recently, I was asked about my level of fulfillment in life based on a 10 point scale, 10 the highest.

Without thinking hardly I responded, “9.8!” The only reason it has not hit a 10 is because I believe there is ALWAYS MORE to discover in the journey with God.

The same person asked me how it could be so high on the scale. I shared the following:

 My life is simple. I seek His plan without contest in a daily journey. I don’t have a five year plan and unfulfilled childhood dreams. My heart and mind is not in conflict with God’s will. I desire only His thoughts and ways (Isaiah 55). For my life, it will be His way....or no way.

I don’t go through the drive through asking for the will of God. I get out and go into the presence of God and seek Him first (Matt 6:33). I don’t take the elevator...I take the stairs. Our culture teaches us to “have it your way”, to use the “drive-thru”, and to take the fastest way to the top, “the elevator”.


The best lessons of life are learned His presence.

(Ps 46:10).

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Always Lifting Up The Arms and supporting the vision of my 

District Superintendant

Carlos Zambrano.